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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Paint Kitchen with Various Beautiful Colors

When you think about the Kitchen, it is the more pretty and inflexible place in the home. In the other rooms you can shift furniture from one place to another, cover the floor with new mat, change the decor, and add antiques. In the rooms you have a huge space for the shifting. But, in the kitchen, on the other hand, has little furniture to shift, so you are not allowed to make that impressive change without doing an entire remodeling job. There is one easiest way to make a significant change, through – Paint – and we do not exactly mean painting the walls. There are number of various ways to use paint in the kitchen.  Those are mention below:

Decotouch Paints
Decotouch Paints
Paint the cabinets with the amiable colors
Paint the kitchen cabinets with the vibrant colors and give them a distressed look. Pick your most favorite color and then paint the edges lightly to make it look ancient. Shut the doors and check a bit to see what you like best. You could do this with different colors painted over each other to give it a modern patina. 

Cabinet with Admirable Colors
Paint the cabinet with the admirable colors
Give Attractive Look to the Inner Portion of Cabinet
Paint the inner part of the cabinet with the bright color. If you do not want to apply a bright color on your kitchen walls or the exterior part of cabinet finish, paint a bit of colors inside of the cabinet for a nice surprise every time you take on the doors. This is also good if you don’t like the style or structure of your cabinet doors. Just take the doors off entirely and make color inside the cabinet.   

Inner Part of Cabinet
Inner Part of Cabinet
 Apply Chalkboard Paint on the Cabinets Doors or the Fridge
You can also try chalkboard paint for the refrigerator and cabinet doors. Painting a fridge and cabinet door is a wonderful option when it’s longstanding, ugly and you don’t like it, but cannot able to replace at the moment. Don’t forget that chalkboard paint does not have to be black colored. DecotouchPaints come in any color you wish. 

Chalkboard Paint
Chalkboard Paint on the Cabinet & Fridge Doors
Give Various Colors to the Cabinets
Paint your cabinets with the different colors. This may seem clear, but you can color them as many as you want. Doing the both upper and lower parts different colors creates a nice design in the kitchen. If you have a green land, paint it a bright green color and leave the rest of the portion more toned down. 

Various Colors to the Cabinets
Various Colors to the Cabinets
 Give the tile look to the Backsplash
Paint the backsplash of the kitchen with a tile look. You could use any kind of color combination that you like on your kitchen’s backsplashes, but we suggest a classic subway tile, they give classic look to your kitchen backsplash. It’s a good option because it is a quick and time saving project that makes the kitchen feel more finished and attractive. 

Tile look to backsplash
Tile look to Backsplash
There are multiple options for using paints to completely turn your kitchen in a moderate look. Choose Decotouch Paints and you will not only have an amazing, durable finish, but you will also have a non toxic, food-safe, organic paint finish and no VOC.

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